Whether you're a corporate employer, designer, or facilities manager who wants to create a productive work environment, Workplace Resource provides you with efficient services and outstanding resources.

Our long-standing relationship with Teknion combined with a network of high-quality designers allow us to extend to our customers expert consultations, innovative design solutions and individual attention.
• Office space planning
• Workstation design and budgeting
• Product applications and specifications
• Fabric and finish selection
• Installation drawings (2D and 3D)
• Site dimension verification
• ADA code adherence
• Standards development
• Receipt, inspection and storage of new products
prior to installation
• Taking inventory
• Managing your warehouse and facility assets
• Managing asset transactions
• Evaluating product conditions
• Pre-delivery cleaning of products
• Integrating with product-specific programs
• Managing installation schedules
• Evaluating site conditions and field verifications
• Attending on-site meetings
• Scheduling staff and resources
• Acting as primary point of contact
throughout project
• Conducting final walk-throughs with client team
• Documenting and following through on punch list
• Supplying ongoing facilities management
• Delivering all products to site on schedule
• Unpacking new products
• Disassembling existing furniture
• Removal & installation in multiple locations,
as needed
• Making necessary adjustments
• Cleaning and removing debris
• Quality assurance and completion follow up
• Maintaining and repairing furniture quality
• Cleaning and protecting furniture and fabric
• Ensuring furniture is in good working order
and safe to use
• Refurbishing broken or damaged items
• Reupholstering pre-owned products to
match new d├ęcor
• Repainting and refinishing furniture
By selecting Workplace Resource as your furniture provider, you also have access to multiple leasing financial options.

Our objective is to assist you in the process of acquiring and financing your furniture in the most cost-effective, hassle-free manner available.

Many organizations rely on leasing as a viable financial option when ordering office equipment. Leasing is a practical, cost-effective means of acquiring the equipment you need while optimizing your company's profit.

To find out more about leasing options for your office, contact us at (508) 770-1900