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Project Estimator : Budgeting Process

What statement best describes your organization's furniture need?

A: We are dramatically different from the mainstream. We need furniture that matches our vitality.
B: We are technology intensive and image conscious. We need our furniture to support this and be very flexible.
C: We want the furniture to work well in private offices, open areas and team spaces. It needs to support collaboration without affecting privacy.
D: We need to save space and to keep things simple. We move and churn a great deal and need furniture of excellent quality but easy to work with.
E: We are just starting out and need good performing furniture system to handle our varied needs at an affordable price.

How many of each of these stations will you need?

1. Management (10 X 10)(Show Sample)
2. Technical (8 X 6)(Show Sample)
3. Administrative (6 X 6)(Show Sample)
4. Call Center (5 X 14)(Show Sample)

Your estimated product budget is:

This pricing is for budget purposes only and is not intended to be a final price from Workplace Resource. Please contact an Account Manager regarding your specific project to obtain a price quote. Design services, delivery and installation will incur an additional cost.

There are many factors which impact the final furniture price, including:

  • Total project size
  • Specific panel heights, electrical requirements, storage (shelving and filing) needs
  • Fabric grade and finish materials (wood, laminate, glass etc.)
  • Installation site conditions and work force trade requirements.

Workplace Resource is committed to creating environments for the way people work within their budgets.

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